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Getting to northern indiana

We’re closer than you might think

Northern Indiana is America’s backyard. Half of the population of the US lives within a 12-hour drive. And many are within a couple hours of our beautiful beaches, sprawling farms and charming downtowns.


PlacesChestertonMichigan CitySouth BendElkhartPlymouthShipshewanaWarsaw
Chesterton 13 48 63 54 87 80
Michigan City 13 34 54 47 78 71
South Bend 34 34 14 24 44 47
Elkhart 63 54 14 38 22 34
Plymouth 54 47 24 38 68 24
Shipshewana 87 78 44 22 68 42
Warsaw 80 71 47 34 24 42
Chicago 48 61 96 109 97 133 120
Detroit 235 225 216 202 240 160 223
Indianapolis 166 179 138 153 114 173 142
Winding Road

Getting Here by Car

Northern Indiana is home to many crossroads. You can get to us by driving US Highway 20, US 30 and US 31; Indiana State Highways 3, 5, 9 and 12; I-65, I-80, I-90 and I-94; as well as the Toll Road, Indiana Interstate 80/90, U.S. Highway 20 and Indiana State Highway 12. Honestly, it’s hard to miss us.

Enjoy your travels by planning ahead with our Maps & Travel Tools.

For tips and advice on navigating Indiana traffic:
Indiana Department of Transportation: Travel Conditions

Getting here by the Indiana Toll Road

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The Indiana Toll Road (I-80/90)
Don’t be afraid to take an exit and get off on a new road. There are countless activities along the Toll Road any time of year.

Flying plane

Getting Here by Plane

Midway and O'Hare international airports are in nearby Chicago. These two hubs are serviced by most of the major airlines in the world. The Chicago Department of Aviation portal provides traveler information for both airports.

South Bend International Airport sees about 50 arrivals and departures each day from several US cities.

Traveling to or from Northeast Indiana? The Fort Wayne International Airport currently has four airlines that service seven US markets.

The largest airport in Indiana, the Indianapolis International Airport welcomes domestic and international flights and provides many non-stop flights to popular US destinations.

Transportation Services

Once you arrive, Northern Indiana offers a variety of services to get you from here to there – United Limo, community bus systems and Enterprise Rent-A-Car to name just a few.

Bus on the road

Getting Here by Bus

Greyhound and Coach USA Bus Lines both run regular service to Northern Indiana from surrounding major transportation centers.

Train at sunset

Getting Here by Train

The South Shore Line takes commuters between South Bend and Chicago several times each day, with multiple stops along the way. View the South Shore Passenger Line Service for more details. AmTrak is also provides access to and from key locations in Northern Indiana.


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