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Love those animals at the Washington Park Zoo


Washington Park Zoo, Michigan City

From lions to lizards and pythons to parakeets... it’s really all happening at the zoo! For 85 years, visitors have been coming to see wildlife from all over the world at this city-owned zoo, which encompasses 15 acres on a hilly sand dune close to Lake Michigan. It’s home to more than 200 animals, featuring more than 90 species, all in natural settings surrounded by botanical plantings. You’ll find African lions, Bengal tigers, Burmese pythons, grey kangaroos, ring-tailed lemurs, bald eagles and green-winged macaws.


If you love cold-blooded creatures that slither and hop, the Rotary Castle awaits with exhibits featuring lizards, snakes and frogs. More than 250 color­ful para­keets fly free in The Australian Adventure. The Red Barn exhibit showcases minia­ture domes­tic horses, don­keys, pigs, and goats. Learn even more about all the creatures at The Education Center, which houses animal skulls, skins and educational animals. The zoo also has many unique his­tor­i­cal WPA walk­ways and build­ings, includ­ing a 70-foot tall obser­va­tion tower.

Website: http://washingtonparkzoo.com/


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